Film VS. Film

Star Trek:Into Darkness VS. Iron Man 3

The latest Star Trek is similar to the previous one in it's more adventurous and action based tone. While I did care more about the characters in this film, the main source of entertainment lies in the story and the way the characters interact with each other. On a side note I have to say the comedic relief provided by scotty was quite well done. I give Star Trek a 7.5 out of 10 for it's intresting story line and predictable but fun character line up. Iron Man 3 finds itself on the oposite end of the sequel spectrum by providing an unexpected and refreshing divergence from it's predecessors. Iron Man 3 focuses largely on Ton'y internal struggles and the consequences of being Iron Man rather than just Iron Man fighting bad guys scene after scene. It still provides more than enough action to quench your thirst for explosions and shiny suits, but having seen the darker side on Stark you now feel much more invested in the outcome of these fights. For this slightly bold transition I give Iron Man 3 an 8.5 giving it the edge over Star Trek. I highly recommend you see both in theatres but if you have to choose, Iron Man is the WINNER.